IT Consultancy

The rarest commodity in information technology isn’t disk storage space, bandwidth or processing power, it’s advice you can trust. Technocom is unique in the specialist provision of information technology because we approach your requirements from a business goals perspective rather than a technology perspective.

Our consulting covers a broad range of services, but can include:

Infrastructure Audit

Establishing what you have and what you need, both now and in the future

Health Check

A review of your existing or new IT system, to test network security, backup effectiveness, capacity, and performance

Architecture and Design

Providing you with strategic consulting when the complexities of your systems require a deeper and broader commercial and technical knowledge

SOE (Standard Operating Environment) Development

Designing a software environment that takes the headaches out of maintenance, software upgrades, and future software deployments

Storage Assessment

Helping plan your storage needs so that you’ll have adequate space for the data you generate now and in the future

Advanced Escalation Consulting

Expert consulting and support services, for when a situation exceeds your internal capabilities or capacity


Skilled consulting staff available when you need them, either short term or long term assignments

Disaster Recovery Planning

Assessing your risks and ensuring you have an appropriate disaster recovery plan in place

Project Management

Specialist project managers, experienced in the successful planning, execution, monitoring, control and closure of a project

Penetration testing

Security consultants will attack a network to expose security weaknesses to identify vulnerabilities and provide comprehensive solutions


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